Sun Control Systems

Shade Structures

Shade Structures and pergolas are a necessity in hot sunny weather.  Be innovative by adding MetalSpaces laser-cut metal panels with an assortment of designs and colors.  Glass…no problem.  MetalSpaces offers a DECO glass line with ceramic frit or printed interlayer in an array of predesigned patterns.  Add color with MetalSpaces DECO-CG line which is available tinted and a wide array of colors.


You asked and we listened.  MetalSpaces is launching a predesigned line of decorative shade structures with metal framing, decorative panels, and architectural mounting accessories.  Structures will be available with laser-cut panels and glass options.


Make your building modern – embellish the exterior design while still providing sun coverage with MetalSpaces decorative laser cut Sun Control Systems. MetalSpaces horizontal canopies and vertical fin systems are offered in an array of patterns, colors and designs.


MetalSpaces Horizontal laser cut systems are available with multiple design options as well as custom designs and a variety of colors. During the summer months, the sun is at a higher angle allowing for more shade coverage inside the building to help with cooling. The sun is at a lower angle during the winter months allowing sunshine in to warm the building.


MetalSpaces Vertical Fin laser cut systems are available in formed metal for a box look, single plate for a slim design and perimeter framed laser cut panel design. Add custom laser cut patterns, logos and colors to enhance the building design.


Architectural Glass Canopies and Glass Vertical Fins & provide sun control and protection from the elements, adding to the beauty of the building design. MetalSpaces systems can be custom tailored to the design and specification requirements. Create unique systems with MetalSpaces DECO Glass line.


MetalSpaces DECO-DG Glass has digital ceramic printing on glass to create imagery, patterns or text into the surface of flat glass. Dot and square gradient patterns are available as well as predesigned geometric patterns.


MetalSpaces DECO-PG Glass offers custom film prints add privacy and add a touch of elegance to your glass.


MetalSpaces DECO-CG Glass colored interlayered glass in shades of Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow.

SUN CONTROL SYSTEM Finishing Options

Stainless Steel
Powder Coat
DECO Glass